Caterina Sbrana

Caterina Sbrana’s desire is to bring the image to its nature and the crystallized icon to its vital meaning through her art work.
Her research is a survey conducted with primitive tools to the roots of our imagination and on the nature of painting itself.
Caterina gleans painting techniques from ancient tradition where all the technical and handcraft methods reveal a ritual dimension, and where materials and pigments have an alchemical and symbolic meaning.
To the mud were added over time other materials that she mostly collects herself or produces.

Pressing hundreds of poppy capsules as stamps on a linen cloth, Caterina recomposes the Zandomeneghi’s painting A letto.
Caterina uses the mark left by the poppy capsule that materializes and, at the same time, evaporates the images, such as a natural pixel, to compose a series of Vanitas, a bestiary of animals asleep and geomorphological maps and drawings, a work in progress marked by nature, which Caterina continues at every bloom.

Another series of open works are a collection of bird's eye views, floor plans and landscapes taken from Google Earth painted with grass juice, mud, humus, black carbon and clay all collected by herself.
In these transfigured paintings of real and imaginary landscapes, Caterina joins together two visions of landscape: a cold and global one and a personal, interior, directly experienced one.
She has these two visions due to being in an unstable balance between the ancient techniques of traditional art and handcraft, and a contemporary vision contaminated by technology.

Caterina Sbrana, after classical studies, attended painting restoration at the European Institute of Operative Arts in Perugia.
She had attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara with Omar Galliani.
From 1999 she exhibited her artworks in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
In 2003 she received a special mention of the jury of the National Award for Arts in Rome for the painting “Ophelia” made with mud.
In 2008 Caterina had a solo exhibition called the “Organica” at the contemporary space Sakros of Carrara.
In 2009, with the gallery Amphisbaena of Modena, she presents the installation Earth and Water in the Tetrapak spaces of Modena.
In 2010-11, she was selected for the Open Studios projected by the CCCS, Centro di Cultura Conemporanea Strozzina of Florence, Palazzo Strozzi.
In 2011, she was among the emerging artists at the 54th Venice Biennale, Tese St. Christopher and Arsenal Novissimo, Venice.
In 2012 her grass juice and mud works representing Google Earth floor plans are exhibited at the Museum Marino Marini in Florence, among the collective “Observation of nature in its quite state” by Paola Bortolotti.
In 2013 she presents “A Private Geography” at the Syracuse University in Florence: a solo exhibition that gathers her most recent works made ​​with poppy capsule and also an installation made out in clay.

In 2016 she exhibited her works at the Mall Galleries, London, in the exhibition Five figurative artists in Florence.

She currently lives and works in Pontasserchio, San Giuliano Terme, Pisa, where he has created in collaboration with the artist Gabriele Mallegni, Studio17.

The studio, where the two artists expose their artworks and their collection of art and design objects, is open to the public.