Gabriele Mallegni

Gabriele Mallegni (Pisa, 1977), assembles iron, wood and plastics to build large arthropods and insects.
His sculptures, which arise from the study and a direct observation of the shapes and structures of real insects, become refined and aerial creatures that seem to come from a science-fiction novel.
In his artistic research he blends together different influences and references such as the images of science fiction films, construction games, toy models, scientific boards of entomology and the stories of Kafka.

In his early sculptures, Mallegni uses discarded objects that already exist, recycling them, thus composing his first insects.
Over the years he has been detaching oneself from this type of practice, abandoning the recycling of materials and opting for the assembly of structural wood and iron that allows him to not be affected by forms of existing objects.
As a contemporary “Meccano” for adults, Mallegni builds his sculptures, always lighter and clearer. Rigorously removable and changeable in size and shape, his winged insects and arthropods have the characteristic to fit the space that hosts them; modifying itself through mechanical articulations that Mallegni built himself.
In his contemporary and mechanical sculptures, Mallegni takes possession of an ancient concept and extremely modern in its sculpture: that is of the "unfinished.” According to the “unfinished” the sculptures are always susceptible to subsequent thoughts and assemblies.
All the sculptures can change shape and size in dialogue with the space. For this special characteristic and for their strong visual impact, Mallegni’s art works are exposed in usual places of contemporary art (galleries, symposia, etc.) and are also very much in demand for concerts, events and installations.

Gabriele Mallegni, other than creating arthropods and insects of various sizes.

From 2011 he starts also modeling sculptures with clay: buildings, town and urban landscapes destroyed by time or fire and other natural calamities or characters involved in absurd and catastrophic situations .

He also works on collections of objects of art and design.

Gabriele graduated from the Art School of Lucca and continued his artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.
AHe currently lives and works in Pontasserchio, San Giuliano Terme, Pisa, where he has created in collaboration with the artist Caterina Sbrana, the Studio17. The studio is open to the public and it is where the two artists expose their artworks and their collection of art and design objects.