Plaster works and moulding

The collection of ancient plaster works and casts of the Studio17 gathers famous artworks such as classical statuary, but also little known and unusual pieces.
The result of our everlasting and careful research is a heterogeneous collection which becomes richer from year to year.
I nostri calchi discendono direttamente dall'opera originale.

Our casts are descended directly from the original work. We create the casts directly in our laboratories, in plaster and, on request, in different materials suitable for outdoor use.
We carry out the patina by hand and we can achieve different types of out-of-date styles, traditional and ancient productions such as the faux bronze, stone polishing, and a talc finishing touch.
On request we assemble plaster works and casts plus bases.
The images of the plaster works are just a few of those in our collection.

In the moulding laboratory of our art study we deal personally to carry out casts of art pieces sculpture. We do moulding and copies on request for artists, private individuals, and museums.
In addition, we also do on request cast from real objects and from living human bodies such as faces and other anatomical details.