Studio17 was created by the synergy of the artists’, Caterina Sbrana and Gabriele Mallegni, different education experience, skills, and technical expertise.

They met at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and since then they had the desire to have their own space where they could put together their knowledge in restoration, moulding, visual and plastic art, and contemporary art research.

The passion that connects the two artists drives them to realize their project: the Studio17.

Studio17 is a contemporary workshop, a space of research and contamination, and, at the same time, a handcraft laboratory. It’s an alchemical place where the two artists’ experiences compare and merge. It's an unusual reality where the ancient and the contemporary live in a continuous dialogue.

n this space the two artists work either on their own individual artistic research, and together on art and design objects, and on projects and commissions. They both have strong manual skills, interest and knowledge for the ancient traditional craft techniques and a touch for experimentation.

Studio17 is always open to the public. Here you can find art works and unique objects directly from who created them.