Alveare modular bas relief Alveare is a modular bas-relief, which can be assembled on the wall in different spaces, sizes and combinations. The bas-relief is composed by free tiles and tiles worked in relief with different numbers and positions of bees. The bees,which are applied one by one, trace an ancestral geography on the wall […]

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All moving parts

All moving parts, is the warning  written on the toys for children under the age of 3 to prevent them from ingesting moving and small parts and is also the title of a song by Black Sabbath that we like very much.The fragment of classical works and artifacts becomes an element to construct and deconstruct,

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A series of handmade vases, inspired by the observation of the natural world and by an art work that has struck our imagination: the bronze bas-relief by Pietro Tacca, part of the equestrian monument by Giambologna in Piazza della SS.Annunziata in Florence. In the bas-relief there are myriad of bees in concentriccircles. On Alveare surface,

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Still life

Still life is a sculpture for the table, a box and a food container. Picking up the central piece, naturally ergonomic, Still life turns into a box, while, closing it, it turns again into a sculpture. A dreamlike and, at the same time, an useful object, hovering between past and present, container and content.It is

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Back to the primitives

Back to the primitive is the title of a song by Soulfly that praises a return to the origins.These jug-containers are inspired by the ancient drinking horns, they have a naturally ergonomic shape and they are made from casts of animal horns that we have been collecting for years. Back to the primitive2014 – ongoing

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During some walks in an abandoned quarry I have collected fragments of landscape, small stones, pebbles, marble splinters. On the ceramic casts of the collected stones I’ve modeled a series of miniature of landscapes that enclose a sense of distance proper to dreams. Candid shelters that represent the sacredness of a mental, physical and natural

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This series is decorated with hundreds of poppy capsules marks, hand-picked in the fields around our workshops. The plates record the flowering season of the poppies. A reflection on the landscape, in which the poppies are disappearing because of the selective pesticides and on the spontaneous and ancient plants that inhabit the residual spaces of

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Matrioska2015 progressive sizes box-series, white glazed ceramic, third fire goldlarge box 14×19,5 cm, medium 8×6,5 cm, small 5×3 ,5 cm, extra small 2×1,5 cm Gabriele Mallegni, Studio17.

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