Caterina Sbrana

Caterina Sbrana was born in 1977 …

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Caterina Sbrana Self similarity white glazed ceramic engobes 2019 detail 2
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Caterina Sbrana

Caterina Sbrana was born in Pisa in 1977, after classical studies, she attends paintings restoration at the Institute of Operative Arts in Perugia, then she pursues her studies at the Accademia of Fine Arts in Carrara with Omar Galliani.

Her research is an investigation poised between primordial materials, traditional techniques and a contemporary vision contaminated by technology. The collection of materials, traces, residues, and textures, the relationship with the landscape are the core of her work which makes use of different media: drawing, painting, ceramics. Poppie capsules become a tracer tool  to draw large maps while  soils, coals and wild plants are the material for painting landscapes inspired by digital visions. In the last years, she has also dedicated herself to the design and creation of art objects and in 2009 she has founded Studio17 , art and design workshop.

She collaborates with various galleries and institutions of contemporary art.

Among the exhibitions and projects we mention: Premio nazionale delle Arti, Roma special mention of the jury for the work Ofelia di fango (Mud Ophelia), 2003; Organica, solo show, Sakros Arte Contemporanea, Carrara, 2008; Earth and Water, at Tetrapak, Modena, 2009; Open Studios, a project by Fanziska Nori, curated by CCC Strozzina, Florence, the video that shows her studio and work is presented at the International festival Lo Schermo dell’Arte, Florence; 54th Biennale di Venezia, Tese di San Cristoforo and Arsenale Novissimo, Venice, Pavilion Accademie, 2011; Observation of nature at state of rest, Museo Marino Marini, Florence, 2012, and A Private Geography, 2013, solo show, Syracuse University in Florence, both curated by Paola Bortolotti.

In 2016 she is among the artists of Five figurative artist in Florence, at the Mall Galleries, London, curated by Arturo Galansino, in the same year she holds the workshop Saper Fare Saper pensare for Palazzo Strozzi, Florence. In 2018 she presentes the solo show Origine, at Spazio Gennai, Pisa.

She is currently working on the project A più voci, during the exhibitions about Verrocchio and Natalia Goncharova, at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.