Block stream

Our work is deeply linked to the direct relationship with landscape and with nature.
In these months marked by a sense of distance and suspension, the mountain (Monte delle Fate) right behind our house has rapresented a shelter and a resource to us for contemplating and understanding.
We have always frequented these mountains but this time we have crossed them with a different gaze.
We used to stop by the “pietraie”, Block Streams, formed by ancient glaciers in the coldest phase of the ice age, to recover the sense of Time.

Lapidaria is an open work, a diary, or rather a collection of works and objects born from this silent and continuous attendance, metamorphic works that blend in with the landscape.
Rocks stuck in an infinite fall or a primordial launch, the rough rock that hides and reveals the refined surface of a vase and camouflage jugs, are some of the images that have reached us while we were surrounded by this sea of stones.

“When I thought I was the stone, the conflict subsided. The stone has no uncertainties, it does not need to communicate, and it is eternal, lives for millennia, I thought, while I am just a passing phenomenon troubled by emotions of all kinds, similar to a flame that flares up quickly and then goes out.
I was only the sum of my emotions, and the Other in me was the timeless stone “

Carl Gustav Jung, Dreams, Memories, Reflections


March 2020-ongoing

white glazed ceramic, engobe.

33x34x30 cm

Caterina Sbrana e Gabriele Mallegni, Studio17