Poppy capsule, maps

In 2013 I started the series of maps that build up  this peculiar kind of cosmographia in progress.

These works resemble geographic gardens, to be looked at and attracted to, traced with the poppy capsules that I collect in the countryside around my studio.
The star-shaped marks of the poppy are the points that constitute the contour lines, which define the slopes of the mountain, which mark the landscape and which compose a sort of time diagram.

  1. Caterina Sbrana, Geo-morphological map, poppy capsule pressed on canvas, natural pigment, cm 300 x 320, 2013-ongoing, photo credits Diego Barsuglia
  2. Fresh poppies, marks detail
  3. Origine, Spazio Gennai, Pisa, view of the exhibition
  4. Sinopia, poppy capsules pressed on japanese backed paper, sinopia red pigment, cm 190x 180, 2015
  5. Sinopia, detail from the making process