Self Similarity, plate


Caterina Sbrana, 2022

white lead free glazed ceramic,
painted with engobes, unfired final patina

h. 11,5 x 33,5 x 32 cm

weigt 1948 gr.

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These unique pieces are an offshoot of Autosomiglianza (Self Similarity), an artwork by Caterina Sbrana on the relationship between natural and artificial shapes and on the mimetic ability of the ceramic material which can takes, if properly crafted, the appearance of different elements.
The fractal shapes of the Roman cabbage tops, which repeat themselves on different scales, radically modify the design of these artefacts turning them into hybrid objects.

The plates of this series from Autosomiglianza for Dépendance Studio17 are collector plates not suitable for containing food, the final patina is given with colors not suitable for food, the mat and colored part cannot be washed.

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Weight 6125 g