Caterina Sbrana Endless Column

Caterina Sbrana
Landmarks, a map for an inner geography

28th January 2022 16.30 to 20.00
29th January 2022
11.00 to 13.00
16.30 to 20.00
Viale Eleonora Duse 30, Florence
The wind is low the birds will sing
that you are part of everything
Dear Prudence won’t you open your eyes?

Look around
Look around round round
Look around

Dear Prudence, The Beatles

“At Palazzo Poli I’ve worked, I’ve prepared myself teas, I’ve listened to the sounds of people coming and going, I’ve observed the sky cut by the roofs of the buildings, I’ve explored the interior and the external courtyard.
Landmarks includes some works and studies on time and landscape observed from a peculiar place, the atelier, where different places meet and stratify and trace out the reference points of a fragmented and marginal geography.
A short journey in stages through beloved places and masterpieces and inside and outside an architectural landscape, the one of Palazzo Poli. In this itinerary you can find explored and imagined caves, the study for a table / archive, and the unknown places of the ancient maps that the humankind carries within and there is also the trace of the landscapes crossed on foot by an artist, from Romania to reach Paris, a potentially endless column. “(Caterina Sbrana)

During the same period of the studio visit it will be possible to visit Marco Andrea Magni’s exhibition “Briefe aus der Architektur”, La Portineria.