Matrioska (four sculpture/boxes with progressive measures)


Gabriele Mallegni, 2022

white glazed ceramics, third fire gold, magnets

H.14 x 9,5 x 9 cm

weight 611 gr.

Matryoshka is a series of progressively sized container boxes made by Gabriele Mallegni in 2016.
A reflection on the mind, on ideas. In Russian folklore, the Matryoshka is a symbol of fertility and leads back to the theme of the family, the largest piece that contains the others is the “mother”, the last, the smallest one, is the “seed”. How extended is our way of thinking, of formulating a thought independently of the of the others thought?
Are we really sure that our way of thinking is really autonomous or is it the reflection of other people’s thinking?
And in this peculiar case which piece is more important, the “mother” or the “seed”? Who affects whom?
Matryoshka is handmade in white ceramic with third-fired gold internal surfaces, with a percentage of pure gold and the closure is with magnets.

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Weight 1170 g