Gabriele Mallegni, 2021

white glazed ceramic, engobes,
third fire silver and gold

H. 21 x 8 x 9 cm

weight 923 gr.

The Punkettes portraits by Gabriele Mallegni are unique pieces inspired by classic portraits and at the same time by the colors and details of the punk culture.
The portraits are modeled and painted by hand with third-fired gold and silver details with percentages of precious metals.
In addition to these sculptures that you can buy directly in the shop, you can also custom your own portrait in a punk version signed by Gabriele Mallegni. To order a portrait, please go here and write us for more infos, times and prices for the realization.

Is this piece no longer available? Would you like to commission one or more pieces similar to one seen on the shop?
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Weight 2100 g