Spolvero (sinopia) Horses, plate to hang


Caterina Sbrana, 2019

white lead free glazed ceramic, black engobe

D.28 cm

weight 762 gr.

Caterina Sbrana recovers the technique of the spolvero in several of her ceramic artworks. The spolvero technique has been used used from ancient times to transfer the preparatory drawings and decorations on ceramic, as on other surfaces, through sheets of paper perforated with a metal tip from which the powdered pigment can filter.
As in her artworks, in these objects and plates to hang, made for Dépendace Studio17, the pigment is not covered by the drawing, it is no longer a preparatory phase, but it becomes the very backbone of the drawing, a phase of fragility, an in might step that Caterina leaves uncovered and fixes on the ceramic.

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Weight 3600 g