Ai margini-Fornace Pasquinucci

Ai margini a cura di Francesca Pepi

Ai margini
Readings of nature as a radical gesture
October 16 – 30 2021
fornace Pasquinucci, Capraia Fiorentina (FI)
Observing nature from the margins means creating a provocation of the gaze and also a subversion of the hierarchical, value, pre-established order.
The project ai Margini, Readings of nature as a radical gesture, which takes shape at the Fornace Pasquinucci, Capraia Fiorentina, develops around the poetics of vision, to restore its subjectivity to nature, exploring what remains out of range, respecting the logic of production and consumption, with an unexplored vitality, full of stories capable of fascination.
The show, curated by Francesca Pepi, looks at a plurality of languages ​​converge, from photography to painting, from ceramics to video, from installation to music, with the participation of the visual artists Dania Gennai, Federica Gonnelli, Caterina Sbrana and Elisabetta Scarpini and with musical performances by Paolo Scali and the Lights group, formed by Dario Baldini, Luca Chichi and Gianni Paci.