On real landscape, on virtual landscape

...now I’m working also on a new cycle where images, floor plans and views taken from digital programs such as Google Earth, are returned through the juice, the essences of plants, berries, flowers, barks, dirt, and clay of  which the real landscape is composed  and which for the most part I get alone.

In this work I merge two visions of landscape: a digital and global one with another one that I experienced directly.
A distant landscape seen from above and a private and interior one.
The idea is to return the digital vision to its origin, a reflection on the aesthetics of the landscape increasingly characterized by the disappearance of reality.
This work was born observing on Google the view from above of the places where I live and work that looked like informal paintings or ancient bird’s eye views with something mechanical and synthetic…

Caterina Sbrana, 2012, text for Observations of Nature at a State of Rest,
curated by Paola Bortolotti, Museo Marino Marini

  1. Caterina Sbrana, The harvest
  2. Caterina Sbrana, Cratere, mud, kaolin and guado on canvas, cm 150×114, 2019
  3. Caterina Sbrana, Montagne (Google earth), calcium carbonate, kaolin on untreated canvas, cm 160×170, 2018
  4. Caterina Sbrana, Montagne, Google Earth, vegetal juices, pigments and mud on untreated canvas, cm 198×188, 2012
  5. Caterina Sbrana, Cratere (Google Earth), mud, white clay and vegetal juice on untreated canvas, cm 198×298, 2012
  6. Caterina Sbrana, Planimetria (Google Earth), vegetal juices, pigments on crinolino canvas, cm 90 x100, 2010
  7. Caterina Sbrana, Paesaggio (Google Earth) clay, white gypsum, vegetal juyces on ghinea canvas, 180×200 cm, 2013
  8.  Caterina Sbrana, Dall’alto, mordant from barks, vegetal pigments, gypsum,on ghinea canvas, cm 85×50, 2014
  9. A portrait during some walks
  10. Caterina Sbrana Paesaggio, clay on antique paper, 2013
  11. Collected materials, 2012-ongoing
  12. Caterina Sbrana, 2014, Diary, inchiostraia, vegetal black, clay and ocher, elder collected and processed by the artist, on antique and backed paper
  13. Caterina Sbrana, Diary, Vulcano, kaolin on antique paper, 2016
  14. Caterina sbrana, Diary, vegetal mordant on antique paper, 2013
  15. Caterina Sbrana, Diary, red mud on antique paper, 2014
  16. Caterina Sbrana, From above, black wine and gypsum on untreated canvas, 2014
  17. Caterina Sbrana, Diary, map, elder, ocher, vegetal juyces on antique paper
  18. Caterina Sbrana, collecting mud from Monti Pisani
  19. Caterina Sbrana, collecting
  20. CaterinaSbrana, Vulcano, work in progress