Asàrotos òikos, ossetto, pin


Caterina Sbrana, 2022

silver, handmade lost wax casting process

H 4,5 x 1,3 x 0,9

weight 18 gr.

The asàrotos òikos,”the unswept floor”, is a decorative theme from the classical world of which we can see an amazing example by the artist Heraclitus, author of the mosaic kept in the Vatican Museums. This masterpiece, made to impress and to disguise reality, hides deep meanings linked to the ground and therefore to death and regeneration.
Caterina Sbrana has worked on this theme several times and now after collecting remains, seeds, bones, stones in the landscape around she gives them back to us in the form of jewels, a fragmented asàrotos òikos that we can wear and take on the road with us.

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Weight 346 g