Locandina residenza artistica Vis a Vis

VIS à VIS Fuoriluogo 26. Artists in Residence Project
1 – 23 August 2023
Lucito (CB), artists in residence Caterina Sbrana and Gabriele Mallegni
Provvidenti (CB), artist in residence Flavia Carolina D’Alessandro

The new edition of VIS à VIS Fuoriluogo 26 is going to start on August the 1st, the international program of artistic residencies this year hosts the artists Caterina Sbrana and Gabriele Mallegni in Lucito (CB), and Flavia Carolina D’Alessandro in Provvidenti (CB ).
The project, directed by the cultural association Limiti Inchiusi (Paolo Borrelli and Fausto Colavecchia), is curated by Tommaso Evangelista and Matteo Innocenti. The international program of artistic residencies VIS à VIS Fuoriluogo, which this year reaches its twelfth edition – since its launch in 2012 by the cultural association Limiti Inchiusi – marks the continuation of the curatorial action with the hosted artists by direct invitation from the association and the curators, and the works conceived in dialogue with specific places and contexts.
Furthermore, the residences, maintaining the identity that have characterized them up to now, i.e. the strong relationship with the community, are related to the specific objectives linked to the individual places.
In this edition,concerning Lucito, we will work on the creation of a public work of art, a work that will expand the already rich municipal collection which includes, in addition to a rich corpus of works by Pettinicchi, also the larger group of works linked to the Vis à Vis project, while for Provvidenti the focus will be on the cultural requalification of spaces owned by the municipality, now abandoned, with particular attention to the relationship with the population and the environment.
As done in every edition, the artists, together with the curators, will make the residency vital with a series of workshops, meetings and a final exhibition which will also mark the delivery of a work to the community. The residency will be witnessed by a catalogue and a video-documentary.
VIS à VIS, one of the promoter associations of STARE – Association of Italian Artists’ Residences – proves to be one of the longest-lived and most interesting artistic residences dedicated to internal areas and local communities.
The artists invited to VIS à VIS Fuoriluogo 26 are Caterina Sbrana (Pisa, 1977) and Gabriele Mallegni (Pisa, 1977) who will work together with Lucito, and Flavia Carolina D’Alessandro (Caracas, Venezuela, 1977) who will work in Provvidenti.

Limiti inchiusi is an association of cultural and artistic production based in Limosano in the province of Campobasso. Founded in 1994, it promotes contemporary art projects with an international scope in constant dialogue with the territory of Molise, as an investigation into the landscape and the villages of Molise. With artist residencies, exhibitions, public art installations, workshops and meetings, Limiti inchiusi places the regional territory at the center creating new narratives. The work carried out over the years, documented in various publications, has concerned the production of works of art, teaching with the new generations, research and social inclusion with a careful look at the emergencies and problems of the communities involved. Since 2012, under the direction of the artists Paolo Borrelli and Fausto Colavecchia, the association has inaugurated the international programs of residences for artists Vis à Vis Fuoriluogo and Vis à Vis Flaneur. In 2021 Limiti inchiusi is among the founding members of STARE – Association of Italian Artists’ Residences.

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